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The milenarain loom art in a perfect balance with the urban design. Textuers, colours, exclusive designs, mantles, pashminas, ponchos, capes, jackets, exclusive types of sweaters, roans, scarves, chals, skirts, native tapestries, are part of our handcraftes creations in porducts and accesories.
Wools and cottons, sheep, llama and goat, and silk take part in the 180 different types of threads, which we commercialize and use in our own products. Warmth, personalized advice and client orentiation, as well as design and quality in our raw materials, handcrafted confection and delicate completion are values and atributes thet identify us. From the Patagonia Argentina we open our doors to the whole world. Andrea del este is tradition, art and design in the same place.
ANDREA DEL ESTE - Art & Design - Mariano Moreno 843 Shop 8 - San Martín de los Andes - Patagonia - Argentine - Phone: +54 (2972) 424577
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